Bucker Jungmann

On October 11, 2011 I sat down after dinner for my regular internet search of Barnstormers and Ebay.
Barnstormers had been experiencing a denial of service attack, however tonight I managed to get through and spotted this ad.

  I read the ad twice figuring this must be a scam. I decided to take a chance and called the number, I  got a recording. I left a message stating that I would take it at the asking price and could pick it up within a week. The next morning Mr. Heckman returned my call and said I was the first caller, it was mine if I wanted it.
Of course I said yes and after an extended conversation, I was sure these were "aeroplane" people and had no qualms about Express Mailing a deposit for $1000.00.  Now the problem is how to get to Chicago and pick it up before they can change their minds!
 The story continues here,